Teilprojekt P8 – Fracture in Polymer Composites: Meso to Macro

Teilprojekt P8 - Fracture in Polymer Composites: Meso to Macro

(Drittmittelfinanzierte Gruppenförderung – Teilprojekt)

Titel des Gesamtprojektes: Skalenübergreifende Bruchvorgänge: Integration von Mechanik, Materialwissenschaften, Mathematik, Chemie und Physik (FRASCAL)
Projektleitung: ,
Projektstart: 2. Januar 2019
Projektende: 30. Juni 2023
Akronym: GRK2423 - P8
Mittelgeber: DFG / Graduiertenkolleg (GRK)
URL: https://www.frascal.research.fau.eu/home/research/p-8-fracture-in-polymer-composites-meso-to-macro/


The mechanical properties and the fracture toughness of polymers can be
increased by adding silica nanoparticles. This increase is
mainly caused by the development of localized shear bands, initiated by
the stress concentrations due to the silica particles. Other mechanisms
responsible for the observed toughening are debonding of the particles
and void growth in the matrix material. The particular mechanisms depend
strongly on the structure and chemistry of the polymers and will be
analysed for two classes of polymer-silica composites, with highly
crosslinked thermosets or with biodegradable nestled fibres (cellulose,
aramid) as matrix materials.

The aim of the project is to study the influence of different mesoscopic
parameters, as particle volume fraction, on the macroscopic fracture
properties of nanoparticle reinforced polymers.